Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At Market...Tomatoes

Okay, I realize that they probably aren't at your market, but they are at mine. And seeing them this weekend reminded me of a very disturbing article I read recently about modern slavery, and how it is very much alive in the tomato industry, specifically. It seems that tomato farmers in Florida (and Mexico) especially are taking advantage of their workers, to a horrifying extent and most, if not all, out-of-season tomatoes that are in the supermarkets now are a product of slave labor. These workers, who are most certainly illegal aliens, have no legal means of fighting back against those who wish to abuse them, and they live in total squalor, somehow duped into working without pay. It's no wonder, with the poor sanitary habits and lack of running water, that fruits and vegetables are becoming infected with hepatitis and salmonella at an alarming rate. I almost never buy supermarket tomatoes anyway (because they taste bad), and am fortunate enough to be able to buy tomatoes year round at our farmers market. But this news gives me all the more reason to buy my tomatoes in season (or at the FM).

That being said, I'm going to torture you a bit with an easy recipe for my very favorite summer lunch (or dinner)-the BLT sandwich. The crunch and saltiness of the applewood smoked bacon, the juicy acidity of the tomato, and the creaminess of the mayonnaise sends me right over the moon. Please don't try this at home, unless it is the height of summer and you have in your possession some local, slavery-free, pesticide-free tomatoes...or you live in southern California and managed to pick up a ripe handful at your farmers' market.

BLT Sandwich

Toast 2 slices of your favorite bread (I like sourdough). Mix 2 T mayonnaise with 1/2 T pesto (you have some in your freezer, right?) and spread thickly on both slices of bread. Layer some baby lettuce, sliced and salted tomatoes, and 2 (at least) slices of crispy bacon (I cook mine in the microwave) onto one slice of bread. Top with remaining slice of bread. Bite and moan....repeat.

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Leslie said...

I love me a good BLT!