Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

See what's growing in my winter garden. Pardon the very dead tomato plants (and the quality of the video....)

I'd love to hear what's growing in your neck of the woods!


Angie Christensen, RDN said...

It's so cool to hear your voice after so long! Our garden consists of a smallish planter in the back patio of our town home. We just planted tomatoes, strawberries, cauliflower and peas. We already have some thriving herbs. BTW, have you heard of the book Ratio by Michael Ruhlman? My hubby just bought it. Looks so interesting!

Anonymous said...

We had very little in the way of winter in the Pacific Northwest this year, so herbs like my parsley survived the winter. It's bizarre. Beyond that, I have garlic shoots and I am considering starting some seeds indoors soon. It will be my first year, and I've saved some seeds of my own, so I'm excited and hopeful!