Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Everything!

I had very big plans to share all the craziness of the last few weeks with you. I was going to tell you tales of the flu (all 3 kids down for over a week), of our birthday celebrations, of our holiday parties and of all the good food we've eaten. Tales of games we've played and fun we've had spending time together as a family.

But then it started snowing. A lot. And where we come from, that doesn't happen very often. Or ever.

So I'm very sorry to tell you that the blog will have to wait another day as we change from our perpetual summer shorts and shirtsleeves, into hats, gloves (and yes, even pants). There is sledding to be had, more snowmen to build and a garden to protect.

And I hope you all had a very happy holiday season
and wish you a fantastic 2011!


Ann said...

Snow?! In So Cal? Amazing!!! I had no idea this happened. Thank you for the beautiful photos!

Palm Tree Playground said...

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