Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Summer Tradition

Cape Codders love their traditions and you'd be hard pressed to find one more beloved than the Cape Cod Baseball League. In it's 114th season, it is arguably the most prestigious summer college ball league in the National Alliance of Summer Baseball. Because it draws top-tier baseball players from universities all over the country, it is considered to be equivalent to "high-A Minor League" baseball, with many of its alumni being drafted to the major leagues. In fact, there are over 1000 current major league players that played in the CCBL. It is one of the few institutions that still uses wooden bats...and believe me, there is nothing more exciting than hearing the crack of the bat when it smashes the ball. (Okay, maybe there is, but I'm trying to write as if I were a major baseball fan...a skill I am still perfecting).

After attending 40 of my sons' little league ball games, I must admit I am suffering from a wee bit of baseball fatigue. But tonight, we piled into our car to head out to our first Y-D Red Sox game of the summer. The kids had a blast chasing down foul balls and both boys got two each. Also, they ate their first snack shack burgers of the season. You should know that Cape League burgers are like none you will find anywhere else. They are cooked up by the gentleman below, who is there every year, preparing his specialties with care. If you are brave enough to eat them, you get a sticker that says, Ask me what I ate at the Y-D Redsox game!

You might be wondering why you need to be brave to eat a burger at the ballgame....CAFO beef notwithstanding...Well, it's because their burgers come on doughnuts. If you order the "Sinker" you will get a burger on a plain (outside), cinnamon (inside) or powdered sugar (down the middle) doughnut. If you'd like cheese on that it's called "over the plate." The other kind is appropriately named "The Hurler." The Hurler comes on a jelly filled doughnut with two huge squirts of canned cheese product. Blessedly, neither of my boys ordered that one, sticking with their usual Sinker, down the middle, over the plate (which translates, of course, to cheeseburger on a powdered sugar doughnut). This year, they've added a new taste treat called the "Screamer" which is served on a Boston Creme doughnut (cream filled with chocolate on top).

The first time I saw this monstrosity I was horrified. I was even more disgusted when my children ordered their own. But now, I hardly bat an eye...I've even had a bite, and it wasn't really half bad. Alright, it was half bad....but not nearly as revolting as I expected it to be. So if you'd like to recreate your own Cape League tradition at your home, here is how you can make your own Sinkers and Hurlers.

Cape Cod Sinkers and Hurlers

Grill hamburger patties to your desired doneness. Take a powdered sugar, cinnamon, plain or jelly-filled doughnut and slice it crosswise. Grill it briefly to give it a nice toasty crunch. Place the burger (with cheese or without) on the doughnut. Don't forget the fixin's. Ben likes his with ketchup, mustard and relish. Yummy?

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ironymike said...

Had a Hurler and was amazed I was eating it and at the same time appalled I was eating it but regardless a must at Y-D Sox game. Cape Cod Baseball league is no joke. Get there.