Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010: The Menu

This year, Thanksgiving has crept up on me like so many holidays do. I knew it was coming, I've been posting about it for weeks, after all. But for some reason, in my head, it seemed like that far-off holiday, the thing that is coming sometime way in the future. Well ready or not, it's here. And in my family Thanksgiving is the jumping off point into crazy-town, filled with birthdays, parties, decorating, food and CHRISTMAS. Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love the holidays, but I think I need another week, please.

Here's my menu with necessary ingredients, subject to change, of course. I've included links to recipes where available. I find it helpful to write it down so I can review it for a few days and figure out who is bringing what and see what I still need to shop for. We will be serving 10 adults and 6 or 7 kids. Thanksgiving is definitely a group effort around here--and that's certainly another thing for which I can be truly thankful!

Thanksgiving 2010

The Menu


o Mushroom Turnovers: Jessica

o Baked Brie: Jim and Jody

o Crudités: Mom

o Butternut Squash Soup: Jenny

o Champagne: Me

o Garnet Martinis: Me

o Cranberries, sugar, rosemary for syrup


o Salad: Kale and Apple Salad with Walnuts and Pancetta: Me

o Turkey and Gravy (Brined): Fried (Ron) and Roasted (Me)

o Stock

o Aromatics (onion, celery, herbs)

o Mashed Potatoes: Me

o Cream

o Butter

o Stuffing (La Brea Bread): Me

o Onion

o Celery

o Sage Breakfast Sausage

o Apple (granny smith)

o Haricot Vert: Me

o Corn Casserole: Mom

o Cranberry Chutney: Me

o Cranberry Relish: Me

o Rolls: Crescent Style (Trader Joes)

o Wine Selection: Chris


o Pumpkin Pie: Lindsey

o New England Rum Pie: Mom

o Pecan Pie and/or Cranberry Frangipane: Jessica

o Coffee (decaf): Me

o Whipped cream: Me


Cape Cod Judy said...

Nice to learn early about the meal you are having. Unlike Christmas, there will probably just be the two of us unless we round up some stragglers somewhere. Hey- that's what you get when you are far away from your California family.

Here's our Cape Cod locally sourced menu:

*Carrot (sticks) from our garden
*Kale(chips) from our garden

*Heritage turkey from Miss Scarlett of Yarmouth Port with Barnstable or Dennis Oysters for stuffing
*Potatoes, butternut squash, Eastham turnip from our garden
*Parsnip from the Caleb House Garden, Chatham
*Broccoli from Crow Farm
*Cranberries from Annie's Bog in Dennis
*Lettuce from our garden

*Apple Pie - apples from Crow Farm, Sandwich

As you can see, we're all local - AND a wee bit heavy on the starchy veg. There will be leftovers.

Perhaps I'll try the kale and apple salad instead since I'll have both those ingredients...

We do have some California wine however!

Alison said...

Judy, your meal is impressively local, especially so far into the fall season. We wish we were there to celebrate with you...or that you were here. I can't wait to hear how your Miss Scarlett's turkey (and everything else) turns out. xx