Sunday, January 4, 2009

At Market...or I Scream, You Scream...

Okay, I realize that not many of you will be craving a cool treat on a cold day. But citrus season is in full swing here and the tangerines were so beautiful at the market today. And when I opened the New York Times magazine this morning, there was a fun article written by a dad who has a son who loves to "help" in the kitchen. Together, they whipped up a delicious Tangerine Sherbet. I had to make it, it was perfect timing. After all, I had a bag full of tangerines fresh from the market, and heavy cream in the fridge that was needing an important task.

The tangerines were zested, juiced and mixed with sugar and gelatin, just a touch. After cooling in the fridge for a bit, I let it run through the already chilled bowl of my ice cream maker (you do have one, don't you?) and 20 minutes later I was in creamy citrus heaven.

The sherbet tastes like a Creamsicle, or an Orange Julius, but the flavor is much sharper and tangier. The recipe didn't make much and I think that I will have to hide it from the rest of my family. Alright, maybe I will share a little...after all, one of my New Year's resolutions is to be more generous...and have a good attitude about it. Hmph!

Tangerine Sherbet

1/2 t gelatin
1 1/2 C freshly squeezed tangerine juice (from about 2 1/2 pounds)
zest from 2 tangerines
1/2 t salt
1/2 C sugar
1/2 C heavy cream

Put gelatin along with 2 T water in a small sauce pan. Meanwhile, zest 2 of the tangerines, putting zest in a small bowl. Squeeze all of the tangerines (including the zested ones) to make 1 1/2 C juice. Heat saucepan over medium heat and stir to fully dissolve gelatin. Add juice, zest, salt and sugar and warm only to body temperature, or about 100 degrees. Stir well, to help sugar dissolve. Cool mixture completely in fridge. Strain through fine sieve and pour into the frozen bowl of an ice cream maker with the cream. Freeze for about 20 minutes, or according to manufacturer's directions. Place in a container and put in freezer until solid, about 1 hour.


Laurie said...

Hi Alison,

A friend sent me a link to your site because she thought I would like it and I do! It's fun to find someone who loves Cape Cod as much as I do.

Aren't Peter and Marco at Nantucket Wild Gourmet adorable? I love your sex in a jar recipe and can't wait to try it next summer.

I love to garden and can too, and am a local foodie whenever possible, but it is really hard to eat local food year round on Cape Cod. But I can eat local clams year round :)

Alison said...

Hi Laurie,
Thanks for your kind words! Yes I do think Peter and Marco are adorable, but they are selling their shop! I have a fantasy of buying it, if it isn't already snatched up, but I don't think that it will come to pass...sigh. Anyway, I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made the Creamsicle, Orange Julius ice cream/sherbet. I had just finished reading about it in the NY Times (yummy - Creamsicles were my favorite childhood treat) - and there it was, in "A Girl, A Market, A Meal", tested, and approved, by an adult. Hide it from the children! Someone just gave me a Christmas gift basket of tangerines and I just might try it....

Alison said...

Hi Judy,

I haven't shared it yet...well I've shared some with Matt. It has been such a yummy treat! :)

You do have that ice cream ball you could kick around if you wanted to make some too...