Friday, September 24, 2010

Still At Market??....New Mexican Chiles

When I heard that the season for Hatch (New Mexican) chiles was perilously short this year due to searing summer heat, I freaked out. So much so that I bought a 25 pound box of them, just in the nick of time, it seems. Picked early Monday morning and shipped that same day, they arrived on Wednesday, filling my kitchen with the smoky, almost sultry fragrance of the scorched desert from which they came.

I roasted four and ate them immediately with greedy gulps on warmed corn tortillas, topped with a fat slice of cotija cheese. Now I just need to decide what to do with the remaining 400. Twenty-five pounds of chiles is a lot, in case you're wondering. A whole lot. Let the fun begin.

The pictures that follow are a mini tutorial on how to roast and skin fresh chiles. This method works well for Anaheim and Poblano chiles as well.


Anonymous said...

Where do you buy 25lbs of mail order chilies from?

Alison said...

I ordered them from Berridge Farms. Here is the link. They are excellent. =)