Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Mornings

I think it is a spectacular thing to be woken, even in the wee hours, by the patter of rain on my rooftop. We left a window open last night, and consequently the room smelled so fresh and clean, but was quite cold. I don't mind a cold bedroom. It helps me sleep better, I think, and gives me all the more reason to snuggle deeper into my bed's downy embrace. Sunday is the perfect day for that...there's nowhere to go but out to the kitchen table to greet my coffee and newspapers. This morning, I made French toast, using up a whole loaf of thick white bread. As I looked around the table at my children, eagerly tucking into their peanut-butter and maple syrup slathered breakfasts, my heart felt so glad that true hunger is the least of our worries, even as it becomes more prevalent in society today. I read in the newspaper recently that one in eight suffers from hunger. One in Eight! That's a worrisome thing indeed.

I try to do due diligence to the news, the worrisome stuff, conveniently plastered all over the front pages. Today's news? Oakland Mourns 3 Slain Officers (a fourth fights for his life) and Some Rich Districts Get Richer As Aid Is Rushed to Schools. Or how about this one: U.S. Strikes Stagger Al Qaeda...wait a second, I think that might actually be GOOD news? What? On the front page of the paper? But mostly I scan those articles quickly, looking for something light, fluffy, and preferably mouth watering. In today's NY Times Magazine, there is a piece about fish tacos....that look delicious. And another, more serious, but equally interesting and newsworthy article is about how the "Food Revolution" is in season. Those are much more my speed. I don't want to be completely ignorant of the news of the day, but too much is...well, just too much. We need to live, and even enjoy that living too. Yes?

Well, I'm headed out to the farmers' market, another favorite Sunday activity. I am a bit reluctant to go, what with the rain and all, but the farmers have made an effort to be there, so I should too. They also have mouths to feed, and feed those mouths by feeding mine. It is a food chain of sorts--a circular one. And one that I am so very happy to be a part of.

Have a beautiful day...

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