Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Some days are heavy days and it seems like there isn't much reason to smile. We've been having a lot of those lately. But this too shall pass, as the saying goes. In the mean time, I look to the garden for some of the things that bring me joy.

Like my boysenberry brambles I planted a few years back. They have recovered from a butcher job by my semi-competent mow and blow guy and it looks like we should have quite a few this year....

And ladybugs...They are the guardians of my roses and are consequently much guarded by me. Just ask the neighborhood kids. Ladybug theft is punishable by...well, let's just say that some kids have learned that lesson the hard way. And notice the small praying mantis to the ladybug's right? I didn't see it until after I looked at the picture on my computer screen. I love those too.

And daises...these flowers are so bright and carefree. I am happy I have a shady spot for these in my back yard.

And my rapidly growing tomatoes...They have grown feet in a matter of weeks. In that way they are much like my kids, or at least it seems that way.

Though dandelions are much maligned, the greens are quite nutritious (yet bitter). I personally like them for their puffs of promise. Pluck them and make a wish. I did...and I hope it comes true!

My roses, over thirty shrubs and climbers now, fill my garden and my vases from April through December with their fragrance and beauty.

I'm thrilled to see my morning glory vine blooming this year after a hard frost two winters ago nearly killed it.

And don't forget bees! With all the worry about CCD (colony collapse disorder), it's nice they are alive and well and buzzing in my garden.

And finally, lots of lizards...they crack me up with the way they do their push ups. We have a ton in the walls, on the house, on the sidewalks. The dog and cat are especially fond of chasing them, but luckily for the lizards, they haven't yet had any success.

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