Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

Dressing up. Like I said regarding holidays....we don't mess around when it comes to decorations and food. So early Saturday, we set to work with flags, patriotic bunting and fan banners. A block party will be right in front of our house and I hope this will help set the mood.

A dinner party with friends. Lots of laughter, lots of kids, lots of unbelievable stories and lots and lots of food, prepared by Rob and Liana, who happen to be amazing cooks and friends. That makes us doubly lucky.

Fun with bubbles. I was inspired to write yet another haiku, poems which can be moving and random at once. That said, mine is definitely more the latter...

Rainbow in a sphere

Flying, soaring through the air

Fleeting beauty pops.

A block party. We have the friendliest neighbors and always have several parties throughout the year. This year, as always, a fleet of grills and chimineas are assembled curbside. As is the tradition, folks grill their own main course and bring side dishes to share. For us, that means grilled sausages with homemade pickle relish, potato salad and berry crisp. And s'mores...can't forget the s'mores. And the mojitos.

And on this Memorial Day holiday, I feel extraordinarily proud of the men and women who have served this country and deeply grateful for their sacrifices. I hope and pray for peace in this land and in those faraway places that are so gravely impacted by violence and war.

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