Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring Fever

Perhaps you've noticed my absence. My mom certainly did, and she sent me an email asking if everything was okay. (My unusual lack of posting has worried her). Aside from life's typical stresses, everything is fine, if you are wondering too. It's just that I have spring fever...bad. I don't get the usual rush of energy in late spring, like so many do. For me, it is the opposite. I am so done doing everything (though everything is far from done), that I just want to get off the ride, stop and rest awhile. Though there are only five short weeks (FIVE) until school is out for my kids, the list of tasks to accomplish between now and then seems almost insurmountable. So I get funky, depressed and suffer from acute inertia. Wake me up when it's over. That's how I feel lately.

But though I haven't wanted to do anything, things still get done rest for the wicked, right? These last couple of weeks we've been busy with stuff around the house like window and screen washing, garage, gate, shutters, door, and trim painting, cafe chair recovering, deck waterproofing, tomato and herb planting, rose fertilizing, and weeding. The kids are still playing baseball several times a week, I have taken over teaching a friend's Mommy and Me class (because her childcare fell through), and have lots of room-mom end of the year stuff to do for my boys' classes. So basically I'm exhausted, and there hasn't been a lot of time to cook.

I did somehow manage to make a couple of these for my daughter this week. And hopefully I can make some for me too. Aren't they cute and flirty?

She is lining up friends at school who also might be interested in a homemade skirt. Um...maybe I can give their moms the pattern? I found it here.

It couldn't be simpler. Trust me, I'm certainly not a seamstress. In fact, I have my mom's old Kenmore sewing machine that she had from when I was a little girl. And I can only sew a straight line....barely. I can imagine my daughter wearing those skirts just weeks from now, ankle deep in the sea, with a net in one hand, a crab in the other and a look of wonder and joy on her face. I hope that that image will pull me through these last few weeks, until we can pack up our car and get the heck outta here.

In the meantime...stay tuned for some FAST, EASY, and CHEAP recipes. I really haven't done much cooking in the last week...but that can't last forever, there might be a riot.

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I'm glad we found each other via twitter. We must be living parallel lives. I even have a homemade dress for Littlest in this exact same lemon print! I'll try to get a pic of her wearing her 'squeeze me like a lemon, mommy' dress. Love your site, the recipes look divine and are fueling me with inspiration today. Cheers! Kristin aka saucymomma